3 Things to Consider When Upgrading from MEDITECH 6.15 to Expanse: Part I

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By CereCore | Aug 20, 2019

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Recently, MEDITECH has been encouraging organizations on the 6.1x platform to consider upgrading to the Expanse platform. Reason being is there are multiple enhancements across the product suite that organizations can leverage to make the most of their MEDITECH investment. For example, the Expanse platform allows access to the Web Physician user interface for the Acute and Emergency Department, which is similar to MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory look and feel. A big motivator for an upgrade is that Expanse adoption across the Acute and Emergency Department increases physician satisfaction and utilization of the MEDITECH environment.

Because we’ve been through this process with multiple clients, we are sharing three key things to consider before beginning the 6.1x to Expanse upgrade process:

1. Scope – Enabling the Web Physician user interface is one of the primary reasons to go to Expanse and should be included in the scope of work. Depending on approach, the entire physician population will be live on Web Physician user interface at go-live or staggered across select periods. This decision requires organizations to understand their change tolerance, physician satisfaction, rate of adoption, resources, and other initiatives. MEDITECH is estimating a period of 100 days between software delivery and go-live, which is short window of time especially for larger organizations. To take advantage of new enhancements in Expanse, this upgrade may require multiple corrections that will need to be evaluated and tested. Additionally, regulatory requirements and other internal initiatives should be included in the project scope and timeline.

2. Governance and Project Team – The Expanse upgrade requires proper structure and resources to oversee progress, adhere to scope and timeline, and complete various project tasks. Governance should include representatives from the executive team and department leadership and we advise that organizations identify an executive sponsor and physician champions early on. We’ve also found that forming a physician advisory committee and identifying project team members that represent various departments is beneficial for overall adoption and a smooth transition. Lastly, organizations should determine who would maintain the current environment and other initiatives during the upgrade when assigning resources.

3. Infrastructure and Third Party Software – Organizations will receive a Hardware Configuration Proposal (HCP) as a part of the Expanse upgrade. The HCP will provide specifics on what is required to support the web infrastructure based on concurrent users. Organizations will need to complete an assessment of the wireless environment and devices in the facility required to support Expanse mobility capabilities as well as adding web infrastructure such as SSL certificates. Additionally, there are third party software changes within First Databank, Dr. First, and IMO. Reviewing and coordinating with various third party vendors that integrate with MEDITECH is vital to the completion of the Expanse upgrade.

In our experience, these three factors are integral to this project’s success. If you are considering upgrading to Expanse and would like to talk more about how your organization can best approach a project of this scale, please email us at info@cerecore.net or call us at 855.276.9112. As an approved collaborative vendor for MEDITECH’s platforms, CereCore offers healthcare-grade IT services that have been implemented, optimized, and supported from the provider perspective. We draw upon our considerable scale and experience in hundreds of hospitals across the country to tailor technology solutions we know will work for the clinician, the facility, and most of all, the patient. Our heart for healthcare interconnects with our knowledge of technical solutions, creating a vital link that ultimately drives the delivery of high-quality care.

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