Automated Tools Save Staff Time in MEDITECH Expanse Patient Accounting Desktop (PAD)

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By Vicki Munro, MA | Feb 4, 2022

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Are you maximizing the arsenal of tools in the Patient Accounting Desktop (PAD) in MEDITECH Expanse?  Does your staff print lists and follow up with aged accounts from hard copy reports?  Are you manually reviewing remittances for denials?  The Patient Accounting Desktop in MEDITECH Expanse incorporates several old desktops from earlier MEDITECH versions into one condensed desktop along with powerful features and automations. If you are on the fence about moving to MEDITECH Expanse or upgraded to Expanse but haven’t started using the PAD, PAD makes work easier and more efficient for Patient Accounting departments.  

Save time, work more efficiently 

The PAD desktop brings together patient accounting functionality in a new and streamlined way of working. This includes: 

  1. “To Do Schedule” – This includes your worklists, predefined by MEDITECH or created specifically for your site. Are there accounts with the same criteria that staff are trying to identify periodically? Create a worklist to make their jobs more efficient. Easily pull up a worklist and work the accounts through the list without having to enter account numbers or names – just keep going down the list and manage rebills, claims, transactions, patient and insurance data from one place.   
  2. Tasks – How great would it be to have a list of the tasks you need to get done automatically available on your desktop each day? Do your account follow-up from a task list – no tickler file, no sticky notes, no reminders on calendars – everything is right on the desktop for you. 
  3. Denial Management – If you haven’t set this up yet, you should! This tool will improve staff productivity, reduce missed filing deadlines, and help to identify billing issues that could be fixed on the front end.  
  4. Display Pages – Financial Status Desktop tabs are selected by your team for Receivables, Revenue, Denial Stats, Account Check Stats, Unbilled, Billed, and anything else available through the Financial Status Desktop. Tailor these by job roles so staff has everything they need in one location. Staff can quickly identify their aging buckets, select a date, and instantly have a worklist of accounts to review. 
  5. Account Checks – There are literally hundreds of account/claim checks available to use in MEDITECH. Reduce the number of checks your billers need to correct to generate a clean claim by analyzing account checks, identifying process improvements, and making corrections at the source. This feature will help you operate more efficiently than “scrubbing” your claims after they are billed.    

Bottom line: A move to MEDITECH Expanse allows you to take advantage of workflow automations and features in the Patient Accounting Desktop, which can improve productivity, improve revenue and reduce write offs. 

More on MEDITECH Expanse   

If you are weighing the pros and cons of moving from an older version of MEDITECH to Expanse, find more real world examples, lessons learned, budget considerations, and more in our ebook The Path to MEDITECH Expanse: Why Your Organization Needs a Single EHR.  

Subscribe to the CereCore MEDITECH Resource library and get access to videos of deployed functionality and expert tips so you can see Expanse in action. 

Of course, MEDITECH customers can explore user manuals, reference guides, and role-based tutorials for the Patient Accounting Desktop available on the MEDITECH End-User Training resources.   

About the Author:
Vicki Munro, MA

Senior Consultant, MEDITECH Professional Services, CereCore

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