MEDITECH Expanse Registration Worklists: A Quick Win for EHR Optimization and Revenue Cycle

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By John Walsh | Jul 23, 2021

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Is your facility having issues pulling registration data from MEDITECH Expanse? Are registrars entering data incorrectly and you need more insight into the errors? Are bills being delayed, potentially affecting revenue?

The power of Registration Worklists

During an implementation, Registration Worklist functionality in MEDITECH Expanse can easily be overlooked. Taking time to identify what your organization needs and building these worklists can have an immediate positive impact. These benefits include:

  • Target education needs Worklists can be used to track data being entered incorrectly by registrars. By running worklists on a regular basis, you will be able to identify end users who need additional education on specific registration processes.
  • View real-time reports – Worklists give end users the ability to pull crucial information when needed.
  • Streamline and enhance workflow – Adapting worklists into staff’s daily routine can help enhance your current processes and streamline workflows.
  • Support revenue cycle performance – Developing financial specific worklists will allow staff to track data that could impact the billing of a patient.

Worklist examples

Using worklists daily will help confirm registrars are capturing information accurately and reduce errors on the back end. CereCore has been able to review custom reports (NPR – Report Writer and MAT – Report Designer) for clients and develop interactive worklists. With interactive worklists, clients can address specific scenarios directly from the Registration Desktop. Some example worklists are:

  • Medicare Secondary Payor (MSP) Incomplete – Tracks accounts for which the Medicare Secondary Payor Form was not completed appropriately. This allows staff to update appropriately and not create delays in patient billing.
  • Short Form Questionnaire Review –  Identifies accounts that were registered with Short Form but Full Registration was never completed. If patients are not fully registered, you could be missing data that is required for billing. Short Form Worklists allow you to track accounts that could delay billing.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)/Workman’s Compensation (WC) Missing Occurrence Codes –  Identifies accounts with MVA and WC insurances that are missing an occurrence code. Running this regularly will make sure the appropriate occurrence codes are entered on MVA/WC accounts.
  • 30 Day Re-Admits – Identifies accounts that have been re-admitted to the facility within the last 30 days. This worklist can be used as a tracking tool to help identify any specific trends for readmission patients.
  • Emergency Department (ED), Observation (OBS), Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Admits – Help identify any trends by allowing staff to track specific areas of patient admissions.
  • Interpreter Needed – Track scheduled and in-house patients that require an interpreter. If an interpreter is needed for a scheduled patient, this worklist will help identify those patients so you can make sure an interpreter will be available for the patient visit.
  • Room Reconciliation – Review room charges associated with in-house patients. Based on a patient’s service, this worklist allows end users to confirm the correct room rate was entered. If the rate is incorrect, they can update it directly from the worklist to make sure the correct room charges are being applied to the account.

Is your healthcare organization struggling with any of the situations listed above? By building out worklists, you can optimize MEDITECH and have a better view into specific registration data. Taking a deep dive into registration data can lead to improvements in efficiency, revenue cycle and patient satisfaction.

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