Partnership Perspectives: Q4 2022

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Jun 29, 2023

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CereCore's inaugural issue of Partnership Perspectives magazine takes a look at relationships within a health system and approaches health IT leaders can use to collaborate more effectively with the CFO, foster work-life balance among IT support colleagues, and bridge the data gap for providers and clinical teams. Plus, find a self-assessment to evaluate your MEDITECH hosting strategy for negative budget impacts or disruptions to patient care.  

In this issue

HFMA Survey Says: CFOs Want More Collaboration With CIOs

CFOs shared feedback on key areas where communication could improve the strategic partnership between CFOs and CIOs.

See what CFOs say

Yes, Work-Life Balance and User Satisfaction Are Possible

You can have happy IT teams and end users when IT service desk operations are efficient and scalable.

A different IT support model

Pursuing One EHR for Providers and Patients

Benefits abound when planning your EHR strategy with a focus on data and how better access can help improve patient care and experience.

Your EHR and patient care

5 Must-Haves in a MEDITECH Hosting Strategy

How bullet proof is your hosting strategy? Check out this self-assessment for possible ways you can avoid surprises.

MEDITECH hosting strategy

CereCore in the News and Serving Others

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