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By CereCore | Dec 21, 2023

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Find articles and podcasts highlighting recommendations from healthcare IT leaders and industry experts on EHR strategy, implementation, optimization, clinical IT service desk and technical debt.     

|A CEO's Experience: What an EHR Technology Change Really Needs for Success

What would a CEO with a career in nursing be expecting from an EHR implementation? Listen to this podcast episode or read the transcript to hear practical advice from Anne Hargrave-Thomas as she explains her approach to buy-in, communication, executive presence, and her perspective on technology. 

“When appropriately developed, the technology and the amount of data we can get is just vast, allowing me and my teams to make better decisions for quality, growth, and everything related to operations.” — Anne Hargrave-Thomas, CEO OakLeaf Surgical Hospital; VP Operations, Surgery Partners 

Stream the episode.

|Liverpool Women's CIO on the EPR Implementation Journey

Liverpool Women’s achieved an EPR milestone in the UK by being the first to go-live on MEDITECH Expanse. CIO Matt Connor takes us behind the scenes of what it was like to tap into UK and US resources throughout their implementation journey.  

A pearl of wisdom from Matt, “It [an EPR implementation] is about organizational change, and it just happens to be digital by nature. So, really embrace that by meeting it head on early because some of the slowest things to change are mindsets and preparation. You bring people along,” said Connor. 

Stream the episode.

|How to Transition from MEDITECH Legacy EHR to Expanse 

MEDITECH Magic has been a stable, cost-effective electronic health record solution for healthcare organizations, but today this aging technology may represent more compromises than value: potential security risk, lack of performance, limited integration capabilities, and so on. Now is the time for healthcare information technology (HIT) leaders to begin planning for their next EHR technology. 

HIT leaders needing to move from Magic to Expanse will need to develop a thorough plan to avoid unnecessary costs and disruptions to hospital operations.  

Read this article for a checklist to get you started.    

|MEDITECH Rules: How to Start Optimizing and Solving Pain Points 

The MEDITECH Rules Engine is one of the most powerful, underutilized, and misunderstood tools in your EMR. Rules can auto populate discrete data elements, reduce documentation redundancy, prevent provider burnout, enhance clinical decision support capabilities, avoid never events, alert clinical staff to patients in rapid decline, calculate scores to risk stratify your patient population and so much more.   

See rules in action and learn how to get a free MEDITECH Rules Starter Pack.

|Epic Go-Live Planning: Keys to Successful HOD Implementation 

Hospital Outpatient Departments (HODs) have unique workflows that can be a pain point in an otherwise excellent EHR go-live. From the different ways front office staff operate to varying revenue cycle processes, check out these workflow considerations for a smooth Epic implementation.  

Find recommendations and next steps in this article.

|A Clinical Service Desk for Epic Users: Emphasis on Clinical 

Not all Epic clinical service desks are created the same. Take a deep dive into how CereCore’s Epic help desk is focused on providing well-informed Level 1 agents backed by experts with decades of clinical expertise. This combination of experience and clinical operations understanding elevates the level of support, going above and beyond what is provided by analysts with only a technical background but without clinical insight.   

Read this Q&A article.

|Technical Debt and the Patient

Is technical debt slowing down the progress your healthcare organization is making with technology? Download this eBook to unpack the problem of technical debt, self-assess your current state, and find recommendations that will help you mitigate the impact of technical debt on your patients.  

Download this ebook. 

|2023 CHIME CIO Survey Results Are In (Part 1) 

ICYMI, healthcare executives, all CHIME members, shared their top 2023 concerns in this CereCore sponsored survey. Cybersecurity ranked first priority, and other concerns voiced were optimization and bandwidth.

Review the survey results and key takeaways.

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