The MEDITECH Scheduling Module: Tips and Benefits When Upgrading to 6.1

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By CereCore | Mar 29, 2017

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MEDITECH is offering a variety of tools in their 6.1 platform that enable hospital administration to be more efficient with their time and information. Among those tools is the Scheduling module which plays a critical role in preparing patients and clinicians for patient visits.

The Scheduling module offers new features:

  • Multi-Facility Dictionaries: 6.1 introduced the ability to schedule across a multi-facility organization. This allows all facilities to share appointment groups, appointment types and resource groups.
  • Process Incoming Files: In 6.1​, Scheduling now has the ability to manage incoming files and faxes from physician offices. This allows the end user to process incoming faxes and attach to a scheduled appointments.

Note:  When upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1 MEDITECH offers a CWS appointment conversion prior to LIVE.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Customer Defined Screens: MEDITECH 6.1x customer defined screens need to be rebuilt if converting from prior MEDITECH version or built if converting from another system. These screens allow capture of additional information not in standard scheduling screens.  Build hours will need to be allocated for build of these screens.
  • Rules: Due to MEDITECH 6.1x being in MAT structure, any attribute in prior MEDITECH version will need to be rebuilt. If you’re converting from other vendor system, then rules will need to be developed from scratch.  Rules provide more functionality in the Scheduling application.

Next Steps

CereCore has expertise in mapping, loading, and validating of the 6.0 to 6.1 conversion in both single facility and multi-facilities. CereCore has also worked with clients to standardize scheduling across the board in order for facilities to be able to schedule across their enterprise. If you are interested know more about how we can help setup and test the new functionality for your organization, please feel free to contact us as or call us at 855.276.9112.

You can read more about MEDITECH’s Health Information Management tool here.

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