Why Managed Services Helps Organizations Move Forward, Fast — From the CEO’s Perspective

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By CereCore Media Coverage | Nov 18, 2022

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In a recent article in MedCity News, Curtis Watkins, president and CEO of CereCore, talks about why managed services can give healthcare IT leaders peace of mind and the bandwidth they need to focus on providing innovative technology that clinicians and patients have come to expect today. 

Managed services partners for EMR applications, service desk, infrastructure and hosting, staffing and other day-to-day IT operations are not new to the healthcare IT industry. What has changed, largely instigated by COVID, are the expectations, pace, and resources – both staffing and financial – that makes keeping IT services in-house and “being all things to all people” impossible. 

Watkins dispels three myths in the article: 

  • Myth #1: More is better. Where is your IT team better? Do they excel at operations or strategy? If you had a managed services partner, how much more time and effort could your internal IT team have to spend building out the overall strategic vision for future technology investments? 
  • Myth #2: Managed services = bad patient experience. Satisfaction metrics tell an important story when it comes to choosing a managed services partner. When you are going through the due diligence process with a partner, ask questions about how they plan to make a difference in patient experience for your healthcare organization. 
  • Myth #3: Internal teams will suffer. Re-imagining how your IT team can serve your organization in ways other than day-to-day operations can help them flourish and grow professionally. The relief that managed services partners bring can be an antidote for employee burnout. 

Read the full article to dive into the details about how to make the jump toward bettering your organization through outsourcing. 

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