CereCore Adds Cybersecurity Advisory and New Principal, Darcy Corcoran

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By CereCore | Apr 12, 2024

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CereCore announces the addition of cybersecurity advisory services for healthcare organizations and new Principal, Darcy Corcoran. This focused service is in response to healthcare clients' growing need for actionable strategies for information protection and security. 

“Complicated, vulnerable times in healthcare call for next level cybersecurity strategies based on innovative and organization-specific assessments with practical action plans that are tailored to your organization’s environment. Darcy will bring best in class cybersecurity approach that health systems of all sizes need, and adding this focus area to our advisory services practice helps us meet a critical need for our clients as well as be the be the best IT services partner possible.” said Peyman Zand, Chief Strategy Officer. 

Cybersecurity Consultant with Specialized Expertise 

Darcy Corcoran, brings over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity serving organizations such as: 

  • United States Department of Defense and Department of Energy 
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 
  • Special Operations Community across Southwest Asia, Europe, and the United States 

“Darcy is a tremendous asset to HIT organizations. She looks at networks through the eyes of malicious actors to help prioritize and implement improved cybersecurity defenses,” said Zand. 

Cybersecurity Results 

Corcoran helps organizations vet and strengthen their cybersecurity programs in context of healthcare’s highly technical environments. Organizations are assisted with: 

  • Insights into their threat profile from a malicious actor perspective   
  • Extensive cybersecurity expertise from healthcare, Department of Defense, and more   
  • Comprehensive assessments, remediation support and cybersecurity strategy development  

“It’s time for cyber intelligence and mature understanding of cybersecurity in the defense industry to be applied to healthcare. The people of healthcare are committed to compassionate care of their patients, including security of their health information, and I am proud to be a part of that commitment,” said Corcoran. 

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