CereCore, TCAT Collaboration Develops New Healthcare IT Talent

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By CereCore Media Coverage | Apr 4, 2024

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This partnership will equip TCAT graduates for CereCore's Clinical Support and IT Help Desk jobs and beyond, welcoming a new era of healthcare IT operations professionals.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- CereCore®, a leading provider of healthcare IT services, today announced its partnership with Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) at Nashville, one of the top colleges of the 27 Colleges of Applied Technology in the state. TCAT has a long and successful history of providing hands-on, college accredited education at a low-cost to the residents of Middle Tennessee, with approximately 500 students earning a certificate or diploma in the past year.

This strategic alliance with CereCore aims to place the next generation of healthcare information technology (HIT)-focused graduates into high-demand, specialized healthcare technology jobs. Scott Tuck, Director of Enterprise Service Management at CereCore and 2005 TCAT graduate, was instrumental in launching the partnership in October 2023.

"The hands-on experience I learned from TCAT helped me be extremely successful in my first job at Dell," said Tuck. "When I talk with students at TCAT classes, I want to help them understand what it takes to have a career in technology. Certifications can help you stand out, but interpersonal skills are just as important."

Over the past six months, Tuck and his team have provided support as graduates from the main TCAT Nashville campus and three satellite locations are vetted for job opportunities on the CereCore Clinical Support and IT Help Desk.

"Co-op opportunities are beneficial for students and employers, and our new hire training programs help students manage having a job and going to school," said Tuck. 

CereCore employees working in IT support roles help hospital and healthcare systems resolve common technology issues that hinder operations, resulting in 70% of incidents resolved at the first level so care providers get back to taking care of patients more quickly.

Like much of the country, Middle Tennessee is no stranger to staffing challenges, holding a deficit of roughly 28,000 unfilled jobs. As a managed IT services provider for healthcare clients, CereCore needed new ways to tap into talent to maintain high quality support. In the industry, support teams often struggle with high turnover. CereCore, however, has less than 10 percent turnover in help desk roles and has earned Modern Healthcare's Best Places to Work in Healthcare award multiple years running.

Traditional students, non-traditional students and job candidates seeking a career change find IT support roles at CereCore are a solid entry point for a career in healthcare IT. CereCore's economy of scale offers career paths that other organizations can't provide. A large majority of former level 1 support analysts have taken advantage of professional development and EHR certification programs, helping them transition to other areas within CereCore or specialize more within healthcare IT.

"At CereCore, we believe our strategic partnership with TCAT will put a significant dent in the worker shortage that has persisted since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic," said Curtis Watkins, President and CEO of CereCore. "Much like CereCore and our deep heritage of hospital operations, TCAT also has a long track record of preparing the next generation of professionals to grow in careers that they enjoy while making tremendous impact. We are thankful for Scott Tuck's personal ties to the college and setting the wheels in motion for this partnership."

Most TCAT programs are designed to be completed in one calendar year, equivalent to 3 trimesters and 1,290 hours. Unlike a four-year-traditional college or university, these expedited programs are mutually beneficial for the TCAT graduate and CereCore—bypassing an extended wait time to get to work.

"TCATs are focused on providing industry relevant hands-on training to all Tennesseans. This focus allows us to remain committed to serving as the premier suppliers of workforce development throughout the state of Tennessee," said Nathan Garrett, President of TCAT Nashville. "This strategic partnership with CereCore will allow us to live out a key part of our mission to build relationships of trust with community, business and industry leaders to supply highly skilled workers in areas of need."

To learn more about how CereCore is addressing staffing challenges in healthcare IT, visit https://cerecore.net/life-at-cerecore.

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