How One Company is Using AI

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Peyman Zand, chief strategy officer at CereCore, believes that AI will increase productivity and provide insights for the company and its clients. He is concerned about privacy issues but not overly worried about dangers, because “at the end of the day, the decision-making still resides with the humans,” said Zand. 

CereCore has been involved in developing automation tools, analytics reports, and other collaterals for years. They have recently started exploring the benefits of AI in their work processes and potentially helping with both automation and advanced analytics. They believe AI will increase productivity through enhancements to their toolset in development, reduce time to market, and provide improved visibility into future trends. 

Key challenges faced while implementing AI, automation, and analytics initiatives within the organization include having the proper scope and understanding of where automation can benefit the organization. The company spends more time upfront scoping the project and making sure stakeholders have a good understanding of where automation can help before starting any toolsets. 

CereCore is working closely with several healthcare systems and is developing the framework around AI and how it can be leveraged into existing platforms and new ones.

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