MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory: Move Your Organization Closer to a Single EHR

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By CereCore | Sep 5, 2022

2 minute read MEDITECH| EHR/EMR| eBook

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The Goal


Improve patient experience

The Expanse Patient Portal works concurrently with the Expanse Ambulatory platform and allows patients access to review and manage their health record. This space includes:

  • Allergies, Medications and Problem List
  • Diagnostic Results
  • Care Team Messaging
  • Appointment Management and Pre-Registration

Standardize workflows

The Ambulatory platform creates the ability to consolidate provider templates, maintain one charge master and streamline third-party interfacing.

Expanse provides an opportunity to standardize workflows across practices and improve quality outcomes. With this uniformed approach, new clinics can be integrated into Ambulatory seamlessly down the road.

Centralize data

MEDITECH Expanse configuration options enable centralization of your Ambulatory and Acute medical records department, as well as your business office.

Configurations also exist to promote the ordering process from initiation to closure. Automation for appointments and authorizations at order entry can be designed to leverage data from the initial encounter to the coordination of future visits.

Worklists can help manage daily tasks like scheduling and registration, eliminate paper and promote central management across the continuum.

Involve your patients in their care

The goal of MEDITECH’s Expanse Ambulatory platform is to not only streamline EHRs in outpatient settings, but to provide a patient portal that is convenient, easy to use and will allow patients to have more autonomy over their health while alleviating confusion amongst healthcare providers.

MEDITECH’s Expanse Ambulatory platform is something to consider if your organization is looking to do the following:

  • Increase provider visibility into clinical records
  • Streamline process and increase efficiency by decreasing silos and disparate sources
  • Reduce number of EHR vendors 
Potential Challenges

Before implementing the Expanse Ambulatory platform, it is important to have a game plan in place and know what to expect to ensure a smooth transition and minimize hiccups.  

Lack of cohesion among departments 
Implementing Ambulatory into an organization can uncover divisions within the organization where information has lived in various silos. Acknowledging and addressing the need for cohesion will generate positive results. Applications within Expanse are designed to work side by side but the bind between data can be fractured easily when there is a lack of coordination efforts early in implementation. 

Outdated data 
With the centralization of patient data comes the risk of the chart becoming clogged with outdated patient information such as medications or resolved problems being mixed in with acute problems. To avoid this confusion, it is crucial to have policies in place to augment workflows to assure that all data is current and relevant to the patient

Current infrastructure 
With the increase in integration and system availability, examine your current infrastructure because your organization may need to consider changes in networking and server workload requirements. By sizing the environment to fit the capabilities of Expanse, the organization will avoid surprise costs.  

Download the full eBook and find tips for getting started, pre-implementation checklist, and more.

Ready to use one EHR for acute care and ambulatory?

Expanse Ambulatory can help you improve patient experience, standardize workflows and centralize data. Find advice and tips in this eBook: 

  • Benefits of Expanse Ambulatory 
  • Client success story and tips for avoiding challenges 
  • Assess readiness checklist 
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