The Benefits and Challenges of Staff Augmentation

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By CereCore | Mar 13, 2019

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When considering staff augmentation for your organization, there are various things to take into account. You need cost-effective yet skilled resources who have a very strong system build and workflow knowledge. These professionals must be well-versed in industry standard solutions and methodologies with the flexibility to pivot that knowledge to your particular environment.

We have years of experience in this area of business and we understand the daily challenges many organizations face when outsourcing individuals on a project-to-project basis. We’ve outlined a general list of some of the benefits and challenges you can expect in regards to staff augmentation.


  • Instead of aligning your staff to the processes of an external project team, you can closely manage your resources and integrate a staff with existing business processes.
  • Adding to an existing team can fill in the gaps of your organization with specialized skills and allow you to take advantage of both internal and external resources.
  • You can easily add or subtract resources to match the demand of any project.
  • You can avoid the cost of investing in internal skill development and the liability of direct employees.
  • When you’re on a tight deadline, being able to assign the right resources quickly is sometimes the only option in order to complete a project on time.
  • The temporary nature of staff augmentation helps your existing staff feel comfortable with inevitable changes within your organization. Your staff will feel less threatened and it’s easier for them to adjust and lean into new workflows with the help of a few individuals rather than outsourcing an entire project.
  • Alignment of resources for one-time project tasks such as table or dictionary build, will allow your organization to focus on long-term impacting tasks like process development.


  • On-boarding outsourced individuals into an organization with compartmentalized understanding of different departments can be difficult.
  • Communication from leadership to existing staff is imperative to productivity so your existing staff is aware of project initiatives and goals and are able to adhere to the SOW.
  • There is still training involved in bringing outside resources up to speed with your organization’s processes and tools.
  • Overcoming flaws in your internal process will be a gradual transition among individuals in your existing staff. Change is always difficult but it’s important to address where you need improvement in order to fully benefit from industry best practices.
  • Additional resources requires an increase in visibility and management.

Ultimately, the benefits of staff augmentation outweigh the challenges when the bottom line is delivering results. When partnered with the right firm, outsourcing will increase your productivity and efficiency as well as overcome the lack of internal capabilities. By placing the responsibility of managing a project outside your organization, you release the burden of managing scope and deadlines from your shoulders so you can focus on execution of the project and the positive impacts you will see from your investment.

Next Steps

If you are considering staff augmentation for a short-term or long-term project, we have access to a large pool of resources and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can help you. We put tremendous effort in identifying, recruiting and on-boarding qualified individuals that provide you with healthcare grade solutions on time at the lowest price. We outsource professionals with years of experience that know how to tackle key strategic projects such as complete implementations, application migrations, upgrades and optimizations. Our professionals have clinical and healthcare IT backgrounds so they understand technical issues as well as the ins and outs of how applications need to function to get the job done. For more information, please contact us at or call us at 855.276.9221.

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