A Multi-Disciplinary MEDITECH Transformation

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By CereCore | Apr 28, 2023

2 minute read MEDITECH| Case Study| Client Perspectives

A MEDITECH Staffing Story

Facility and Technology Renovation: Implementing at a Like New Hospital
A Multi-Disciplinary MEDITECH Transformation

The Client

Texas’ second largest private employer, a hospital system with more than 10,000 colleagues (including 2,700 physicians) providing services to over 500,000 patients, acquired an outdated hospital with 54 beds. Construction and a technology overhaul on the acquired facility started at the end of 2022 and the go-live/grand opening target is 2023.


  • Ensuring EHR clinical readiness by testing laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, surgery and advanced clinical modules.
  • Adding value and speed leveraging automation for clinical and technical build activities.
  • Ensuring success through a program advisor with MEDITECH and clinical knowledge.
  • Ensuring system wide EHR technical readiness of end-user devices (PCs, printers, scanners, etc.).
  •  Supplementing hospital resources with planning, testing, and implementation experts.

The Challenge

A small hospital, acquired by a large health system, needs major renovations and a comprehensive technology refresh to align and integrate clinical operations with the health system. The modernization plan impacts four floors in the hospital from dietary,
lab, pharmacy, central sterile, materials management, security, IT, to diagnostic imaging. All equipment and infrastructure require upgrades, and significant mechanical, electrical, and plumbing repairs were in order. During the months long project to construct, refresh, and integrate, the acquiring system needs experts to assist in multiple areas including:

  • Acquisition logistics related to technology and operations
  • Coordination of technology implementation with the construction schedule
  • Facilitating logistics for training of new employees using new technologies and devices
  • Change management for new and legacy systems and end users

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CereCore’s MEDITECH Services Overview Sheet

How We Helped

Drawing from decades of experience rooted in healthcare technology development, support,
implementation, and key clinical operations understanding, CereCore was uniquely qualified
for providing multi-disciplinary assistance including:

Consulting Services. CereCore is providing expert resources to the hospital system’s team and project leadership with a clinical lead/project manager, technical and data automation professionals, and clinical subject matter experts for:

  • Advanced Clinicals
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Device Deployment / User Access
  • Testing Automation
  • Activity / Event Coordination

Implementation Coordination. CereCore will manage implementation tasks ranging from recovery planning to patient and provider impact. Given the complexities, implementation coordinators will be informed by clinical experts in radiology, pharmacy, advanced clinicals, laboratory, and surgery to ensure clinical readiness of the systems. Other tactical services include:

  • Collaborated with executive leadership and other stakeholders on timing of project milestones and impact and impact on operations
  • Confirmed appropriate representation from impacted facility departments for their awareness and opportunity to provide feedback
  • Coordinating implementation testing, training and go live activities and schedules
Implementation decisions informed by experience ultimately save providers time, ensure patient safety, and yield higher satisfaction than could be accomplished without CereCore’s multi-disciplinary expertise.
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