Bridging the Health Literacy Gap in the Digital Age

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By CereCore Media Coverage | Nov 6, 2023

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Doreen DeGroff, CereCore senior director, MEDITECH consulting practice, CPHIMS, shares her perspective on the healthcare literacy gap in the digital age and how it is a hidden problem among US adults.  

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 80 percent struggle with interpreting documents, and 68 percent struggle with numbers and calculations.  

The digital healthcare revolution creates digital barriers for those with low health literacy, with limited access to digital resources, and economic disparities. Health apps pose challenges for those with low health literacy due to complex navigation and medical jargon.  

Normalizing teach-back via interoperable systems is vital for promoting health literacy. Implementing the teach-back method involves planning, clarifying and checking again, practicing the show-me method, and using handouts to name a few.  

The article goes on to explain how initiating health literacy programs can help establish a more accessible healthcare environment. Read the complete article in Health Data Management. 

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