The Path to MEDITECH Expanse: Why Your Organization Needs a Single EHR

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By CereCore | Oct 4, 2021

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Benefits of a Single EHR Solution

Five Compelling Reasons Your Organization Needs One EHR 

  1. Your current EHR is limited in the ways it handles today’s healthcare challenges and changes. One of the main reasons customers move to Expanse is this: It helps them achieve a single electronic medical record across the acute and ambulatory setting. This bodes well for patients receiving care and dramatically helps caregivers providing it.
  2. Your stakeholders, clinicians, patients and communities need more than your current EHR can deliver. In today’s world of constantly changing technology, if you’re not ahead of the game, you’re behind. Expanse allows customers to make the most of their MEDITECH investment while staying up to date with clinical innovations and government requirements, all while maintaining top-tier standards of care.
  3. Your current EHR is costly and risky to maintain and support. If you are running an older version of MEDITECH or an entirely different system, it can be easy to become complacent and do what you’ve always done. However, older doesn’t always mean better. Without proper maintenance, you’re looking at increased threats of risk, such as security gaps, data corruption, downtime or outdated workflows that result in missed billing charges.
  4. You are missing out on new functionality that could improve efficiency, satisfaction and quality. If you continue to use MEDITECH MAGIC or Client Server based systems, you fail to benefit from new functions and features that promote your organization’s success. Integrations to Expanse are tighter than ever and the data sharing works well.
  5. You could use clinical toolkits within Expanse to achieve patient safety goals and workflow efficiencies more easily. Clinical toolkits put the patient at the center of care and address a variety of patient safety issues. Over the years MEDITECH has updated these toolkits and they are only available in Expanse. All clinical data and information in the EHR can be used to affect, alter, and most important, improve patient care decisions.

In today’s everchanging world of M&A activity and multi-EHR systems, it’s important to emphasize the value of standardizing data for enterprise-wide reporting. While a single EHR has many benefits, it’s sometimes not feasible for larger systems to execute. If implementing a complete overhaul is not an option, making sure you have a cohesive library of data where caregivers have easy access to make better decisions is always a great alternative.

The path to MEDITECH Expanse is a significant transition. Where should you begin?

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