US firm CereCore brings its EMR implementation expertise to the UK

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By CereCore Media Coverage | Apr 13, 2023

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CereCore is pleased to participate as a sponsor of Digital Health in the UK. Jon Hoeksma, editor and CEO of Digital Health, interviewed Curtis Watkins, President and CEO of CereCore, to learn more about their healthcare technology services and their international expansion. Find the complete interview on Digital Health and an excerpt below.  

The NHS has initiated an ambitious plan to elevate all hospitals to a fundamental level of digitisation. To accomplish this goal, hospitals need an advanced electronic patient record (EPR) system and this will require expertise and resource capacity to implement EPRs across the United Kingdom.  

CereCore, a technology services organisation from the United States, is a new sponsor of Digital Health Networks and brings additional capacity, personnel, and expertise required for this initiative. CereCore is renowned for its specialisation in implementing EPRs in the US and has opened offices in London and is growing its international presence in countries such as Ireland, South Africa, and Australia. While the company has vast experience working with all major US EPR vendors, including Cerner and Epic, it has worked extensively with MEDITECH. 

Watkins began the conversation explaining the company’s tenets, “We talk about ourselves as the trusted connection between technology and care givers. It’s always helpful to have a trusted partner at your side. Much of my career was working in a healthcare provider setting, and many of the team also started as health IT professionals or clinicians. We all come at this as healthcare professionals first, and really understand healthcare operations and how things run.” 

Watkins recounted how the company began as the enterprise implementation department for HCA Healthcare then was spun out as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2008. He explained how the US Meaningful Use Initiative in 2011-2016 is similar to the NHS effort to level up digitization in hospitals today.  

He explained that CereCore recognizes that healthcare organisations have a variety of capabilities, financial resources and talent, and CereCore customizes services to meet specific client needs. Many of CereCore's clients are focused on optimizing EPR systems so they can improve workflows and processes with the end goal being to drive quality and value. 

Watkins said, “CereCore have done over 300 EMR implementations here in the US and have really good expertise and methodology with the three major EPRs – MEDITECH, Epic and Cerner. We can help NHS organisations on implementation, refresh of infrastructure, and supporting merger and acquisition processes. We are ready and able to do all of that today. We hear staffing shortages in certain areas of health IT is a reality in UK healthcare IT. That’s something we can help with. We have a footprint already in the UK, that we are growing, as well as a team of over 700 in the US and internationally we can draw on.” 

Continue reading the interview on Digital Health and learn more about CereCore International.

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