How To Bridge the Gap Between Epic and Your IT Ecosystem

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By Stephanie Murray | Apr 26, 2024

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How you implement, upgrade, and maintain Epic at your facilities and clinics impacts workflows, culture, and experiences. Planning the impact and managing the necessary changes to realize the full potential of your IT team and the Epic platform takes time, attention, and experience. It starts with preparation, depends on expertise and planning during implementation, and requires clinical knowledge and best practices to reap the most benefits.  

Epic in Your Ecosystem 

Epic itself offers robust implementation and support teams to their customers, and healthcare organizations should make full use of these resources. However, organizations also need to consider the broader IT ecosystem to ensure a successful Epic project, whether the project is large or small. CereCore has the experts needed to understand both the pillars of a successful project launch, as well as how that project fits into your broader IT ecosystem. Our CereCore team has worked with clients implementing Epic in numerous ways with various combinations of other technologies to arrive at the approach that supports a customer’s services, optimizes their resources, enables quality care, and satisfies providers. 

At the core of any project are key foundational elements that set that project up for success: 

  • Scope 
  • Timeline 
  • Resources 

If these elements are not clearly outlined and identified, nor adhered to throughout the project, success becomes less and less likely. While Epic offers clear and direct guidance on how to implement their products, there is still often a gap for project teams from planning to execution. CereCore can help identify and close those gaps, setting your projects up for success, and ensuring they meet your organizational goals. We’ve advised and helped customers through a variety of scenarios from Hyperdrive, to operational readiness, to HOD considerations. 

When Partnership Can Help 

Whether it’s planning for a project, mid-implementation, or post-project optimization, CereCore partners with healthcare organizations to not only set their projects up for success, but to align them to organizational goals and broader IT objectives. Let us help you meet your goals by working with us to accomplish your initiatives. 

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Stephanie Murray

Senior Director, Epic Services, CereCore

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