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By CereCore | Sep 2, 2022

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In healthcare, IT support is a critical job that doesn’t sleep or take off for the holiday. Is your organization happy with the level of IT support they receive? How’s the reputation of your IT service desk? How’s the work-life balance of your IT support staff? Providing clear answers to IT issues at the speed of healthcare is a tough balancing act. The IT service desk must act quickly, accurately and be ever mindful that certain IT issues could put patient care at risk.  

We’ve curated our top resources with advice on how to manage 24x7x365 IT support in a way that takes advantage of automation, focuses on customer satisfaction while containing costs and giving focus back to IT teams. 

Blog - Healthcare IT Service Desk: Automation Strategies 

Changing the operational model for your IT service desk can get your caregivers and patients the help they need and when they need it most. Have you considered how automation could help solve call abandonment issues? Stop the domino effect of abandoned calls and unhappy customers with queue manipulation and call prioritization.    

Read this blog to dive deeper into ways an automation strategy can help your IT help desk.   

Blog - Healthcare IT Service Desk: Driving Beyond Customer Satisfaction 

Looking for ways to help providers, care teams and patients be happier with your IT service desk? Does that drive for improvement seem almost impossible considering today’s resource constraints with IT support.  

What if there was a way to have both happy customers and happy IT support desk team members? Learn more about our approach that analyzes patterns in support incidents for continuous improvement and focuses on incident resolution instead of total calls.  

Read about meaningful metrics and flexible staffing.

Case Study: Service Desk Efficiency and Ardent Health Services 

Keeping hold times and call abandon rates low can be a struggle.  

Ardent Health Services was growing, changing, and their physician calls needed priority. Focusing on service desk metrics improved overall efficiency as well as reduced the time clinicians spend troubleshooting IT issues.  

We partnered with them and began managing their IT support desk. The actions we took led to physician calls being answered three times faster than calling into a standard line which helped improve provider satisfaction.  

Download the complete case study.

eBook: Diagnosing Your Health System’s IT Support Desk 

Metrics matter. In this ebook on support desk metrics, take a look at the service-level metrics your healthcare organization should be tracking to get a true picture of costs and satisfaction. Metrics can also be the secret to getting to the root cause of reoccurring issues and maximizing IT efficiency. 

In fact, Ardent Health Services CIO Rick Keller says, “Weekly and monthly CereCore metrics allow us to help our markets learn from each other. We can analyze why New Mexico may have more calls for password resets than Texas. CereCore analysis offers many opportunities to continually improve and refine our processes.” After working with Ardent to re-educate staff and remove roadblocks for users, password reset requests decreased by 30% from January 2021-2022.  

Download this ebook.

Need help with your metrics? 

What if you could peel back the data from the issues logged by the IT service desk and better understand the operational barriers for clinicians? Where should you begin?   

Why not start with our collaborative assessment process and get advice on quick wins and help developing a long-term strategy to gain greater efficiency in IT support. 

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