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By CereCore | Dec 10, 2021

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1. 10 Key Steps for Simplifying Orders in Epic 

Order sets for nurses, especially in inpatient units, can become unwieldy over time, making it difficult for them to understand what needs to be done to care for their patients at a glance. How can your organization simplify orders in Epic? How can order sets become more consistent and less complex? And, perhaps most importantly, what can you do to prevent bloated order sets in the future? The process is long, but the benefits are substantial. Check out the ten key steps we recommend 

2. Epic Referrals: Schedule More and Lose Less 

You want to increase your in-house referrals. One way to do that is to give your referral coordinators the tools and workflows they need to manage scheduling more easily. This practical how-to blog outlines some tasks to help you better understand your referral leakage and settings for scheduling. 

3. Improving Epic In Basket Efficiency – Hot Tips to Cool Provider Frustration 

What do your providers have to say about the Epic In Basket? Are they frustrated with how many clicks and minutes it takes them to respond to a message? Is your health system struggling to keep up with Epic MyChart support needs from patients and providers? Find ideas that can help you create a more efficient experience for providers and assist with Epic MyChart support desk services. 

4. Epic Appointment Reminders: 4 Tips to Standardize Patient Notifications 

Standard patient notifications are one component of an overall patient access strategy. Our team of experienced, patient access professionals can provide advice and recommendations to help you get the most efficient use of current Epic functionality. We offer a scheduling assessment as well as other low-cost, short-term analysis services so you can focus on delivering quality care to patients and communities. 

5. Epic Hyperspace Printing Tips that Reduce Cost and Maintenance 

Is your hospital taking advantage of virtual local printing through Epic Hyperspace? If not, this printing feature is a quick win to saving time and money. We share several examples in this post from a hospital go-live that could help your facility reduce printing problems for caregivers and relieve your IT team from time consuming printer maintenance. Of course, Epic experts are ready to help you get the most out of Epic with other features, too. 

6. 5 Ways to Use Epic Flowsheet SmartForms™ to Capture Regulatory Data 

Another huge timesaving feature in Epic — Flowsheet SmartForms™. These smart forms are designed with programming and scripting running in the background and that makes capturing regulatory data within clinical documentation workflows much easier. In this post, we share five specific ways to use Epic's® Flowsheet SmartForms™ to collect regulatory data. In our experience working with clients, the options are almost limitless. 

7. Epic Testing: Tips for Taking Testing Virtual 

Yes, the novelty of working remotely or as virtual teams across the United States seems so last year. However, the tips and tricks in this post have helped us work successfully with hospitals to complete testing virtually for both software upgrades and new implementations. Whether your organization is still working remotely or is back in the office, these methods of project execution could help save time, build stronger team coordination, and a smoother experience for all involved. 

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